08 January 2019

Dinner Party


The challenge for Day 2 of Bout of Books 24 is:

Character dinner party: You are hosting an intimate dinner party for five of your favorite characters. Who do you invite and what food do you serve?

This was a tough one for me at first; of the many books I've read, who would I invite? But then I decided I should invite characters from some of my favorite book series, because after 10 or so books, you feel you know them well enough to have them over.

Invitations go to:

  • Domenica, Bertie, and Angus from the "44 Scotland Street" series by Alexander McCall Smith
  • Isabel and Jamie from the "Isabel Dalhousie" series by Alexander McCall Smith
  • and mayhap Flavia de Luce will pop in from her eponymous series by Alan Bradley

I would cook a 7-course Chinese feast, one course per diner as traditional, because that's what I'm good at! Since the first 5 are from Scotland and Flavia is English, they would all be far to polite to object to whatever I made. For after dinner drinks, I would offer some single-malt Scotch and sparkling apple juice for Flavia.

How is your dinner party working out?


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