18 July 2018

SRSR: Short and Sweet

I know I haven't posted any book reviews lately, but ironically it was because I've been very busy with books! After finding the wondrous book cataloguing system, Libib, I ran wild with scanning and sorting most of my large book collection for two weeks. The downside was that this involved lifting and carrying rather heavy boxes; the upside was I slept deeply every night after all that exercise. As suspected, I did find a few duplicates, but not too many. Dups and discards were then sold to some used bookstores I patronize. So I made a few dollars to... buy more books!?!

I also participated in Tome Topple Readathon #6 for those two weeks. Happily my relatively modest goal was achieved by finishing the last 250 pages of "Evelina" and reading all 619 pages of "Grapes of Wrath". For me this challenge was a chance to knock two nice, fat books off my TBR pile, instead of wimping out and reading the 300-page ones. Challenge met!

Part of the reason for my cataloguing frenzy is that I'm planning on moving across town in a few months. With fewer heavy boxes of books to move, I am hoping things will go more smoothly. Still, there is much more to be sorted and packed away beyond my books, which will take time away from reading and reviewing.

However, I was inspired by a fellow book blogger, and I have A Plan! Last month Simon of Stuck in a Book challenged himself to read and review "25 Books in 25 Days". And he succeeded! Bravo, Simon! So I am now starting my own challenge that I am calling Short Books, Short Reviews (SRSR). During the cataloguing I put aside about 20 books that were 200 pages or less, fiction and nonfiction. I am not promising to read one every day, although that would be nice. But I am going to run through a small box of books rather quickly and practice writing reviews that are concise and to the point.

Onward and Upward!

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