16 May 2018

My Precious


The Day 3 challenge for Bout Of Books #22 is:

Show Me Your Precious

Everyone has a book that they love; now is your time to bring out your precious and shine. Share your favorite book (in whatever format you choose)! You know the one that has that beautifully illustrated map, or gorgeous writing, or whatever it is that draws you to it. Share with the world what makes that book your precious!
I love books in general, so "When I'm not near the book I love, I love the book I'm near." (sorry Frank!) Current love is "Moby-Dick in Pictures" by Matt Kish. Matt is an amazing artist who decided one day that he should "create one illustration for every single one of the 552 pages in the Signet Classic paperback edition." He began posting them to his blog and eventually the entire collection was published. The result is stunning!


I got a chance to meet Matt at a recent showing of a documentary film "Call Us Ishmael", an intimate look at the world’s obsession with Herman Melville’s “Moby-Dick,” which many consider the great American novel. He's a very nice librarian who, of course, is widely read. So nice that he signed my copy of his book, well, drew a whale picture, actually!! So cool!

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