15 December 2019

Joining Mount TBR 2020

I think I have found the perfect book challenge for me: climbing Mount TBR!! I moved last year and prepared for it by sorting through all my books, eliminating many boxes of them. I sold quite a few and donated others to the Friends of the Library here in Cincinnati. I also catalogued the keepers in the online library catalogue Libib, which I reviewed here: https://booktapestry.blogspot.com/2018/07/libib-built-for-personal-collections.html

So now I know the frightening reality of my book collection. Let's just say that they cover 66 linear feet of bookshelves. Time to get reading my own books and stop getting new ones out of the library, no matter how fascinating they may sound in a review. Please!

Enter Mount TBR 2020. I am joining at the Mount Ararat level, pledging read 48 books from my To Be Read piles during 2020. I might go for more, but let's be sensible for right now; I can upgrade to a newer mountain later if I need to. I am just going to wing it and list them as I go along, because I often choose books based on other challenges I join.

This should be fun and accomplishing this goal will make me very happy next New Year's Day!

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