29 June 2018

Big Books, Big Plans


I have enjoyed the Readathons I've participated in recently, the Bout Of Books #22 and the Mini Persephone Readathon. The structure they give to my daily reading is helpful when faced with a large pile of unread books. So I joined in on this Tome Topple Readathon to attach some of those Classics; you know, the ones from back when they just didn't know how to stop writing and wrote till their town ran out of ink.

The Tome Topple Readathon is hosted by booktuber Thoughts on Tomes.
The goal of this readathon is to read big books that are over 500 pages. There is no pressure to read multiple books or to even finish one. Simply making progress on the larger tomes from your shelf is enough. #TomeTopple Round 6 runs from June 29th – July 12th

First I'm going to finish the last 250 pages of Frances Burney's "Evelina" (1778), a tome-wanna-be at a mere 455 pages. Then it's on to an American classic novel, "The Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck, 619 pages. Should I have the time or the stomach for more tome toppling, I might try the more modern "The Sea, The Sea" (1978) by Iris Murdoch, a Booker Prize winner.

We're heading into a heat wave - it was 90 Fahrenheit today (Friday) and will be 90+ for the next 7 days. Time for iced tea and sitting still with a tome!  Join us on Twitter at #TomeTopple !


  1. Yay for Tome Topple! I really loved Evelina, and hope you're enjoying it too. I haven't read Grapes of Wrath, but do want to pick it up in the future. I would imagine that much of it is still incredibly relevant. It's really hot here too, so it's the perfect excuse to read big books. Stay cool and happy readathon!

  2. I, too, love Evelina! Fascinating to read a book about London in the 1770s that was written in the 1770s. Would not have wanted to be there, though. So dangerous for a woman! Just started Grapes of Wrath and his writing is just as lyrical as it was in The Pearl. Happy Tome Reading!